A warm welcome to the St. Panteleimon Hellenic College!

Our Hellenic College of St-Panteleimon & St Paraskevi is a small Greek School, located in Harrow. It offers Greek Education to children of Greek or Cypriot origin or other children who choose to learn the Greek language.

The school follows the Greek National Curriculum along with the Cypriot Curriculum and the spoken language is Greek.

All staff are fully qualified to offer a high-quality education.

Our goal is to enhance and deepen the understanding of Greek culture and language, to keep our students in touch with their roots and identity, through exciting learning opportunities.

We wish everyone a very happy, creative and productive year ahead!

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Half Terms 2024 - 2025

1st Half Term

28/10/2024 – 02/11/2024

2nd Half Term

17/02/2025 – 22/02/2025

3rd Half Term

26/05/2025 – 31/05/2025

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